Achieve Your Potential While Enjoying The Journey

Transition Coaching for Athletes/Former Athletes

Harness the skills that have served you and your athletic excellence journey. As a Certified Agent for the NBPA, WNBA and FIBA, I help you transfer these disciplines to the next chapter of life. Although you may not realize it now, your talent will be leveraged to serve all aspects of your post athletic life. You may have been surrounded by a team, coaches and assistants providing you with support and direction (workouts, nutrition, branding, agenda, etc.). You may have also had an entourage of individuals most interested in what “you can do for them.” As your playing days wind down and you need the most encouragement for the “Now what?” phase of your life – where did everyone go? Where is the support? The greatness of your post athletic legacy is on the horizon!

Corporate Leadership and Development Training

Understand the internal and external blocks that impact your leadership and the consequential effects associated on ROI, EBIT, Worker’s comp, safety, service, productivity and employee engagement. Realize and apply the power connected to the Seven Levels of Leadership, making yourself and everyone around you better!

Speaking Engagements

Energize your teams and/or organizations - providing your audience with a specific process geared toward adjusting your mindset. Change the way you think and you can literally change your life.

Emergency Response personnel, Veterans, Police and Fire Firefighter

You have heroically served and protected everyone and everything. Now it’s your turn! Although I will never be able to repay you for what you have done for me, my family, our communities and our great country - THANK YOU! My only agenda is to help you and your teams take care of yourself! Helping you process the post event(s) or ‘coming home’ segment of your service, will enable you to use your gifts and enjoy the journey moving forward.

Mars Coaching

Energy Leadership Index Assessments

The Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) is a unique assessment that enables leaders to get a snapshot of the perceptions, attitudes, behaviors that have shaped or programmed us.  It provides a dynamic approach enabling us to understand and adjust – realizing our true leadership capabilities. In a way, it’s a snapshot of you, and how you show up in the world. It shows the effects of stress on your performance and targets areas where you can shift your energy to be more successful.

Customized Workshops and Seminars designed to address your specific needs including:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Dynamic Communication

  • Influencing and Engaging Others

  • Problem Solving

  • Productivity and Decision Making

  • High Energy Relationships

  • Health and Wellness

  • Time Management and Balance

Mars Coaching

Time to Take Action! Taking action is as simple as believing.

If you believe that you need that nudge, just email Brian and let him know. There is no obligation and it could be the conversation that changes your course forever.

People Say

Mars Coaching

Laura Capello

President/CEO Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona

"I had the great pleasure to meet Brian when he was interviewing for Valley Leadership and I was on the selection panel. I was impressed with him right away and I thought he was one of the most prepared candidates we had that year. I specifically remembering making myself a mental note to get to know him better and was sure he would be selected to be a part of Valley Leadership next class. Over the next several years, Brian and I became friends and I always felt better when I walked away from one of our conversations. He always thanked me for this time and help, but I don't think he realized how much our meetings meant for me and how much better I always felt about myself. Brian just has that way with people. He knows how to coach you even when you don't realize you are being coached. He asks all the right questions and listens better than anyone I know. He is motivating and inspiring but not afraid to speak the truth. Brian's passion to make our community better by making people better makes him an inspiring leader and great coach and I would recommend him highly to anyone interested in self-development."

Mars Coaching

Christy McClendon

MSW President/CEO New Pathways For Youth

"Coaching with Brian was a gratifying and growth oriented experience. His approach of gently challenging and co-creating possibility was validating while allowing for personal and professional insight to ways of being present and intentional. I am not only more aware but have clearly defined possibilities and practices to advance my goals in an authentic and grounded presence. I was so impressed with his coaching that I invited our entire team to a session with Brian."

Mars Coaching

J. Ibeh Agbanym

Amazon best selling author, Leadership Coaching Strategist, Public Speaker

"Brian is very instrumental and present in his coaching practices. He understands the importance of meeting his clients where they are in their journey, before taking them to place of relevance. I have worked with Brian as an organizational psychology practitioner and a leadership coaching strategist! he is a transformational leader by application and displays intellectual humility in his work."

Mars Coaching

Elaine M. Armfield

Office of Development Arizona State University -W.P. Carey School of Business

"Brian Wood is truly a game changer. His wisdom in all realms of life - family, professional, and athletic - make him the exact right coach for me. I was at a point in my career and personal life when I needed to take a hard look at my options, and decide what I really wanted. Brian's thoughtful and caring coaching helped me ask difficult questions, examine my motives, and decide how to best move forward. He offered unique perspectives that opened up new areas of my life - healing old wounds, building bridges, challenging my preconceived limits, and considering the impossible - I would never have thought of, but in hindsight were just what I needed. I am now building my own version of success - not anyone else's. Brian, and his unique and humorous coaching style, has encouraged me, with no judgment, to move forward towards the most fulfilling life I can live."

Mars Coaching

Jeanne-Marie Hormell

Supervisor, Design Center APS - Arizona Public Services Electric Company

"Brian and I met through the Tempe Chamber "Women in Business" program last year - he was assigned to be my mentor. Brian Was encouraging and asked me very challenging questions that helped me figure out my goals as an individual and professional. He would always say "JM, you got this - the sky is the limit!" His coaching helped me build the confidence I was lacking and taught me to leverage my strengths. For six months he strategized with me on how to approach applying for a leadership position and he also coached me as I was training for a fitness competition. At the end of the six months I accomplished both! I was offered the supervisor role and placed 4th in the competition. I am so thankful for meeting Brian and for how much he taught me about myself and my strengths."